11th February
A visit to the Chamber of Commerce and a meeting with their Visitor Committee, a positive meeting where the Chamber members were able to give an overview of the visitor accommodation situation and their thoughts for future development. We also had a very frank discussion about the introduction of ID checks which they are opposed to for a number of very good reasons.

A Department of Economic Development (DED) briefing to Tynwald members and some members of the public on the proposed work permit exemptions for workers in the ICT and E business sectors. There are severe recruiting problems due to a worldwide shortage of such workers and this is cramping development of Isle of Man based companies who are already sending work streams off island.

We are at present training a number of young people who are guaranteed jobs but these won’t come online for another 18 months to 2 years.

My first visit to Isle of Man Meats and the Meat Plant with a meeting with Mike Owen the CEO. A look around the facility and in particular the £2 Million pound plant refurbishment followed by a discussion on future strategy and the interaction with our on island butchers and farmers. This I am sure is my first instalment as my delegations in DEFA with food and DED retail all have Meat Pant implications.

Meat Plant

Teletubbies on tour in the Meat Plant. Me with David Quirk MHK and Graham Cregeen MHK.


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