10th February
Morning – Department of Economic Development Political then Members Full Department Meeting
There is a lot going on but much is confidential thus I am unable to report the detail.

Then a short conversation with Stu Peters on Manx Radio about the proposed reduction of the drink drive limit. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding and a belief among some that lowering the limit will somehow stop those that cause the accidents driving several times over the existing limit. I don’t see how people who are already driving two, three or four times over the limit will be deterred by reducing the present limit! I remain concerned at the impact the reduced limit would have on Island businesses (restaurants, pubs) judging by the 60% reduction in trade experienced in Scotland. I am a great believer in evidence lead regulation and as my question in the Keys revealed on 26th January, there is no evidence in the Isle of Man that would lead to a conclusion that the present limit is too high. Just because others do things we shouldn’t follow, a big complaint is that we slavishly follow other jurisdictions and in particular Europe without assessing our own needs. It would appear from statements from the UK Government that England has no intention of reducing its limit.

As a result of representations to Minister Gawne he has now put an online survey via survey monkey. Anyone interested might wish to complete the survey the link is www.tinyurl.com/hl3ffom

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