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Having been re-elected on 22nd September 2016 for the new constituency of Glenfaba and Peel, this website is designed to keep my constituents informed of my parliamentary activity and any items of interest.

I was pleased that our Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK appointed me as Minister of Department of Environment Food and Agriculture shortly after the election.

Ray Harmer, Glenfaba and Peels Co MHK, was appointed Minister of DOI at the same time and is now Minister of Policy and Reform and we work together for the join constituency referred more generally to as ‘The West’.

The Department of Environment Food and Agriculture covers a wide range of activity including Agriculture, Food and Fisheries but also encompasses a regulatory hub that includes Health and Safety, Environmental Health, Planning and Building Control.

The present parliamentary term started with Brexit as one of the key threats, that has now happened and we are still facing the fallout but in the agricultural sector and Fisheries we ended up very much in the same place as we were with the ability to trade as a third country and in fact access to Fisheries to non-Manx vessels has become more restrictive and over the next few years we will recapture valuable fish quota.

In the meantime climate change has become a key issue and I have recently taken the Climate Change Bill through the Keys. Who would have thought that in March 2020 our lives would change so profoundly as a result of Covid19. Sadly still ongoing.

Social media has become a key point of contact with constituents and the general public, consequently I am active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is my policy not to reply or engage in social media response, however if you have any issues that you require clarification or further information I endeavour to reply to emails within 48 hours.

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